Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Blog 1

I thought I'd write about the Alta Bates Diabetes Support Group meeting last night. I'm starting to realize just how horrible a disease diabetes really can be, and especially since I caught it from Risperdal. It was an accident, it didn't have to happen, it could have easily been prevented, should have been prevented.

I was thinking this morning, if I hadn't caught diabetes I probably would still have $60,000/year, and my family would be calling it a trust fund, and I would still be living with Laurie. That's about all I want to write, sitting here in the Oakland Starbucks, except she has it too, from Seroquel, but I think it was an accident, they didn't know we would catch diabetes. I said last night, "There was a guy they had a memorial for on the American Diabetes Association site, he died at 97, he had diabetes since his 20's or 30's, he lived a normal life. That's their claim, you can live a normal life and lifespan. I think the Church preaches different, but they claim diabetes discrimination, like in the workplace and education, is from a Supreme Court decision against paying nurses to help children self-administer insulin in schools, and because of the expense of insulin for the poor.

Why are right-wing Christians against the government funding social programs for the poor? When I was a Christian, I read that Jesus' entire ministry was to the poor, that He was actually criticized for going down tbo the poor sections and living with "publicans and sinners". He said, "The well have no need of a physician, but them that are sick," meaning the poor. Judaism, too, always stressed society's responsibility to care for the poor, those less fortunate, the fatherless, widows, and orphans. Every time the LORD cursed Israel, that was the reason. They ground the faces of the poor. That's what they did to Jesus, too, when they crucified Him, they never liked Jews much, especially Israeli carpenters.

Moses commanded them to leave the corners of their fields unharvested for the poor to eat, and not to go back to pick up any they dropped. Hitler exterminated people of other races, which Moses only did in war, not to his own disabled, wounded, other races, immigrants, poor, other religions, Communists, foreigners, political prisoners, homosexuals, or anyone he didn't like or opposed him, he put in concentration camps. He got the idea of gassing Jews from gassing 200,000 disabled people in institutions. He learned how to do it, with poison gas instead of starvation or poison medicine, and cover it up, disabled Germans, "useless eaters", "life unworthy of life", according to Mein Kampf.

In our church, Lighthouse Temple in Colorado Springs, Open Bible, neo-Pentecostal, non-denominational, Pastor R.G. and Verne Dunbar, they said it was about Jesus and the Bible but after about 2 years they showed you that it was also about commitment to Adolf Hitler and Mein Kampf, as well as all the other right-wing propaganda. Hitler was born a Catholic, but he and Himmler became Germanic neo-pagans, Odinists, occultists, which was popular at that time. Where the Aryan German blood of the original inhabitants of Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Swedan, Denmark, Finland, England, Ireland, France, and Germany had the original pagan Norse religion with the Norse gods after which we name the days of the week. They are the same as the Roman gods. Odin is the head god, Frigg is his wife, Thor is a grandson, and there are more.

I saw it all in the Eddas online. I thought most of what Odin and Thor do is OK, but some things they do, this was written around 1100 by an Icelandic Christian, Strurlesson, are pretty scurrilous, and definitely against the Bible. I think Hitler and the Nazis, Dunbar and the people in our church, believed Odin was the Father and Thor or Baldr were the son, and took these books, which were just made up myths by Sturlesson, as scriptural truth, and that's how they got Nazism, and claim it's Biblical, and against Judaism, which also claims it is Biblical. Those guys in Norway and Iceland were total warriors; they were always fighting, and they had that kind of ethic. When they fought, they killed everybody, and justified it.

Their Heaven is called Valhalla, meaning "war-hall", and the only way you can get there in your afterlife is to be killed in battle. Then you are "chosen" by a Valkyrie, which is a female goddess, who takes you on a horse to Valhalla. It's inside, and they have big plank tables and benches, at which they sit in full armor and drink gold goblets of mead, which is honey wine. We used to make it from fermented honey in New Mexico. They are waited on by the Valkyries. They cook this boar, which has an Icelandic name, and serve it, and then it comes back together, they cook it and serve it again. But Odin never eats the boar, he gives his to two wolves, who also have names. Odin only drinks wine; he just lives on wine. It's kind of a contradiction to our church, which totally forbade alcohol.

If they die of old age or of sickness, not in war, Loki, the devil, has 3 children, one is the serpent that encircles the oceans that one of the gods slays, one is the bad wolf, and the third is named Hel. I think that is where they get the translation for the King James Bible, which I think is a few hundred years later, for the Hebrew sheol, and gehinna. The lady just said "very important", so maybe she agrees with me; maybe I'm right? I only have a year of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Yale, and Mountain Heights Bible College at Lighthouse Temple, fwiw. I heard that Judaism has no hell, or at least not for more than 6 months.

All the Nazis and Christians like to die in battle. Hitler wouldn't let his troops retreat, but fight to the death at the Russian front. He and most of his top generals committed suicide. St. Francis went to preach to the Sultan in Syria because he hoped to get killed and get a reputation as a martyr. Mental health workers told me it's a "danger to self and others". That's called the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act, the grounds for commitment.

Anyway, it's like the rabbi said, "Christianity is the golden calf". It's not based on the Bible, it's just as much based on paganism, like Norse paganism and Greek and Roman idolatry. It's polytheistic, but only three, and they are really one, if you can just accept it, poly- and mono- theistic, the best of both worlds. It's worse than both paganism and Jewish monotheism, because they have to spread this concept, where they rule, and they're wrong, and evil, like Hitler was. Odin and Thor are evil, and the Church is based upon them. At the end, he not only destroyed himself with suicide at 56, but his entire country, which was bombed to smithereens by Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin, divided into East and West, as well as Berlin, with the Berlin Wall to divide East and West Berlin. He almost destroyed the world. My parents told me, "If we hadn't won World War II then Hitler would have taken over America, killed all the Jews, and you wouldn't have been born." That's what it was all about for them. His "Thousand-Year Reich" pipe-dream lasted all of twelve years, 1933-45. It's just like how God told me and Stephanie to get married at Lighthouse Temple. That's why they always bring up the "House of Cards"—people are always throwing things like that at them. Miracle Valley, Arizona, The First Church of the House of Cards. [Atheist]