Sunday, June 21, 2015

JOURNAL June 21, 2015

Every day I hear countless times from these "false prophets" about how I'm about to die. It's usually these Mexican and black violent gangsters who are making death threats and saying they can make me put them in a will and leave them everything, when I already left everything to Laurie.

It makes no sense because last time I saw Dr. Noble, he said, "Your numbers are good," about my test results, so I'm not going to die any time soon, unless they get lucky and murder me, take me out, like they say they will. My dad just died at 88, my mom is still alive at 94, my grandma died at 105, so we have longevity in our genes. It's upsetting, because I try to take care of my health, and they wake me up all night, steal my meds, jump out at me from ambush, and stress is a risk factor for heart attacks and heart disease and I had 2 heart surgeries and take 5 heart meds, it's first-degree homicide, or attempted, 50 to life, lying in wait, premeditated, malice aforethought, and w/ a robbery, w/ disability and elderly enhancements, and maybe Jew/gay hate crime. There's a swastika on the door, and a Star of David next door. They pretend they're Christian preachers, although Hitler said he was a Christian.

All the noise they make has given me continuing chest pains, I've taken nitroglycerin several times, and I'm going to go see Dr. Schiller, the UCSF-Mission Bay cardiologist earlier than the annual appointment to see if he can adjust the meds. Hopefully no more heart surgery. But I don't expect to die, at least before all that. They're openly trying to murder me. Homicide one, death penalty. Three lethal injections. And they think they're in my will. They say if I don't have a car, I can't go to the doctor or the hospital on the bus, BART, in a taxi, or with a friend, like my sister says to. I drove here in a car and moved all my stuff in with it, a Toyota Corolla, and they say I'm lying, to attempt to "justify" their robberies, violent assaults, stalking, illegal spying, electronic surveillance, and electronic torture. They're just colored kid violent gang hoods in cars, they say, I never saw them drive. I had more than 10 cars, and 2 brand-new cars, that doesn't matter now, they want what remains, my very life, blood, life's blood, to shed, to drink up. Where am I supposed to get a car if my sister, who got me the last one, won't get me one? I can't carjack one, like them, duh, I'd go to prison like they're going to, like the idiots want to. I was never in prison. My mom was elected to the San Francisco School Board twice, worked in Mayor Dianne Feinstein's Office of Childcare, and was appointed Human Rights Commissioner by Mayor Frank Jordan, the former S.F. Police Chief, and the gangsters rob me because they don't want me to have a car. The gangsters are insane murderers. If I had a car they'd do it anyway, if they could catch me. They're thugs, with Bibles. When I was at Presidio Jr. High, bussed-in black Mark Kazee used to come up to me, say, "Gimme a nickel," and if I didn't, he'd throw all my books on the ground and make me get down and pick them up, same thing, 'twas ever thus. That's how you treat white Jews. I was going to Yale, and he was going to prison, that's the way it is, bro', that's the way it's always been.

Gangland murder, of white students, in the guise of religious conversion. Plus assault and robbery, home invasion robbery/theft/larceny. They have loaded guns; assault with a deadly weapon. They made me get a diabetic ulcer on my toe and almost get my leg amputated. They won't stop, no matter what you say, how much you beg and plead for your life. They're just the same gangsters as they were before they said they were "Christians", murdering gangbangers. They killed a Cal grad student in his SUV near here and took it. They need the money more than him, what all criminals say. I understand why the cops shoot all these black guys. I would if I could; the cops are heroes. Shooting is too good for them, it's a waste of good lead. I never go out without both a stun gun and pepper spray, non-lethal but it keeps them away. Nobody's that crazy, even ghetto street hoods. I've never used the stun gun on anybody, once. The cops took my knife away. I know how to use one, too, the Puerto Ricans in NYC taught me, and throw one, and make it stick in a wall, and hit a target. When I was a kid. They're reading this, that they respect, that's their language, that's their world, they're no Ron Dellums, Barack Obama, or Barbara Lee, they're dumbasses. They're killers. I've never even been in a fist fight. I've never killed anybody.

I'm going to post this on my blog and let more of them come after me more. One Mexican tried to force me to join the Nortenos, the worst prison murder gang, and a black tried to force me to join the Bloods, I think it's funny, and they don't get the joke. I said, "I went to Yale, my sister went to Yale, she worked in the White House, the other Yalies have enough to laugh at me about with Wavy Gravy and the Hog Farm, the Grateful Dead, Bill Graham Presents, Live Nation, the Merry Pranksters' Furthur bus, and Rolling Stone Magazine. I'm just drawing the line at the Nortenos, the Bloods, and the Psycho Locos West Oakland Bottoms Gang. I'm a white Jew! I should be running the gang unit! Even if I'm not, that's still what I think of you guys!" I read on the Internet that the Nortenos (the guy next door) was #1 in Oakland homicides and the cause of the 2010 gang injunctions, which they claim work, reduce violent crime 5% to 10%. My sister, who pays the rent, made me live here for 2 years, won't let me move, and won't let me have a car or cable TV. Places before have been worse, and she stole all my money. They say I'm whining when I tell what the bullies did. If I picked them out of a police murder line-up for killing my family, they'd say I was whining. They think it's OK for them to kill all of us, if they can. British Prime Minister Chamberlain appeased Hitler when he wrote in Mein Kampf he was going to exterminate all the Jews in Europe; then he got elected Chancellor of Germany and did it, 6,000,000. He was 100% serious. People like that don't joke.