Thursday, December 12, 2013

According to this Wikipedia article on domestic violence, if that's what happened (what's happening) (which seems possible, since the police told me to get a 

restraining order), I should move immediately before they get me again.    Even if we have to pay more than $800/month for rent.  They talk here about lethality assessment for attempted domestic violence-related homicide, and

now I could have a diabetic leg amputation and roughly 50% of amputees die in 5 years.   They've been stalking me moment-to-moment 24/7 turning the volume up and

down on the loud TV in the next room all day and waking me up several times every night the whole time the podiatric surgeon told me to wear the new orthotic inserts for my shoes for the hallux limitus where they beat me and my big toenail came off and got ingrown & infected on the leg with the diabetic neuropathy.   He said, "I'm gonna beat your ass," and knocked me down three times. Dr. Wolpa said wear the new orthotics for an hour the first day, 2 hours the 2nd day, 3 hours the 3rd day, until I wore them full time and I couldn't even do that, they were so loud.  They were stalking me on the phone, computer, and security webcam, like they say battered women should call or email for help on a different phone or computer because the perpetrators stalk them hacking their electronics.   I'm at the library now; I couldn't do this there.  Me studying Computer Science at CSUEB while they're homeless criminals is just part of the abuse and the M.O.  Joan paid $200 for the orthotic shoe inserts made from castings of my feet because Anthem doesn't cover them, and I couldn't even follow the simple procedure correctly, or call Dr. Wolpa at Alta Bates (Herrick) Hospital back about the partial matrixectomy, another surgery he needs to do for the infected toe, for a whole month, they are on me every second-they never give me a moment's peace.  They've stolen lots of my best stuff while I was out.  I think they might be in a Mexican prison gang, one of them said, I was watching a video on You Tube, the Nuestra Familia, Mexican Mafia, Nortenos, Surenos, Black Guerilla Family, Aryan Resistance, DA killers, warden killers, they drew a swastika on my door and a Star of David on their door.   All of them are going to die in prison-they kill each other in their cells doing life for murder for quitting the gang.   Not my type of person.    I called the ADL and called him a "hate criminal" and I was going to email his video to DOJ FBI hate crime division in Oakland or S.F. Federal Building.    I wrote it up right after the diagnosis; I'll copy it out and send it to you.     Thanks for your time and apologies for spamming, but I'm crying.