Saturday, March 28, 2015

March 28, 2015


What a terrible day! The evil, Mexican dickhead preacher next-door woke me up playing his TV too loud. He'll never turn it down when I ask him. Last night he told me that he believed that disabled people should be killed, and people with eyeglasses. I told him I didn't believe that, that I wasn't going to commit suicide, and that that was why I wasn't a Christian.

I asked the people at the desk his name, and they asked me why. I told them I was going to file a restraining order, so that when I called the police maybe they would arrest him. The elevator man told me he would talk to him, but when I came back he turned on the TV loud again and wouldn't turn it down, so I went out again.

I lost my phone, for the second time, in the same place I lost the first one. I lost the first one because the guy who used to live next door before him used to do the same thing, and it had the same effect on me. On the restraining order website it calls stalking the same as assault and battery, unlawful violence, and it says emotional distress and mental anguish. He's playing it now, as I write this. Maybe he's an illegal alien. If I get the restraining order, he won't be able to get a green card, buy a gun, and he'll have to surrender any guns he has.