Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 31, 2015

Even worse with the Mexican preacher next-door. Because I lost my phone, I missed my appointment with podiatric surgeon Dr. Wolpa yesterday. I thought the appointment was at three with the ear doctor, so I went there, and it wasn't, so I figured that it must've been with Dr. Wolpa. I had it all written down in my phone, which I usually check.

I had to see Dr. Wolpa to get my toenail trimmed, to get a $15 tube of Bio-Freeze to replace one which was stolen here, and to show them my new insurance. I got to Dr. Wolpa's in time, but there wasn't enough money in the Alta Bates Hospital ATM to buy the Bio-Freeze, so I didn't go—I'll have to reschedule later. And having my toenail trimmed is urgent—that's how the toenail that the Dougherty's ripped off got ingrown, infected, and turned into a diabetic ulcer. So it's potentially life-threatening, because 50% of amputees die in 5 years.

And then he woke me up this morning playing his TV loud, so I stayed in bed all day, and when I did get up, I found he'd stolen the $20 tube of "Kerasal NeuroCream Pain Relieving Foot Cream" that my sister bought me with her credit card last week at the Rite Aid on the corner of 14th and Broadway. He's been stalking me a month, and been keeping me awake every night, to steal a $20 tube of diabetic foot cream! The one before, who also made me lose a phone and get my GA cut off until now, was also Mexican and here about 2 months, with his girlfriend and her kid, stole a $15 black and white baseball cap she bought me at Nordstrom's Rack, a nice hat, right when it was brand-new. As their "tithes and offerings" I guess, or "corn". I say stolen property that they owe me twice for, since I got saved in 1971, 45 years ago, and I'm not recommitting or rededicating over and over again. As I say, I was almost ordained but they closed Mountain Heights Bible College just before we were to graduate. Lev. 22 explains just what is a "thief in the night". That's the one who deserves capital punishment, day pays double restitution. Before you get to "devouring widows' houses" and "ravening wolves in sheeps' clothing" or "lying in wait". They're no holier than I am, and a lot less.

So I lost the phone, missed the doctor's appointment, and now he stole the diabetic foot cream. And one of the things I was going to the doctor for was to replace the $15 Bio-Freeze the other homeless preacher stole. I need it for where the other preachers beat me into almost having an amputation stealing the new $50 watch with temperature gauge and compass my sister bought me online. I also had three other jars of that kind of foot cream, of different brands, all for about $20 from Rite-Aid, stolen by these hoods, it must be hot with their church gang fences. It's like the Holocaust movies. This guy told me he believes in killing all disabled people, and all with eyeglasses. I need to "accept" that, and let him rob and kill me, like the Jews at Auschwitz! Never again!

The staff still won't tell me his name, but the desk guy says he's moving out the day after tomorrow. I'll believe it when I see it. I lost the phone when the elevator man said he was going to talk to him, and he didn't. I told him I was going to go to the police station and make a police report about the foot cream, since you can't do it online if you have a suspect, except he won't tell me his name. Claims he has a plan to murder all the disabled people, even with eyeglasses, or get them to commit suicide, I guess, or elderly, if they'll just become his disciples and follow him, like Jim Jones, David Koresh, or Tony Alamo. I told him, "Why should I? Dr. Noble said, 'Your numbers are good.' Why don't you homeless Mexicans kill yourselves? I went to Yale, Class of '71, Pierson College. My grandparents were born in America. My sister worked in the Bush 41 White House for 12 years, and my mom worked in San Francisco City Hall, was on the School Board, and the Human Rights Commission, taco loco!"