Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Mobile Blogger Post

I'm reading the first post in my new mobile Blogger blog, and it's great, except it should be able to capitalize, and you have to keep touching the screen to restart it. i's going to try to enter text with the text messager. Now I've got caps, by pressing HTML editing, That was the trick.

Before they made me start a new blog for mobile, I'd been googling, googled my name, and came up with an old Blogger blog I haven't written inin two years called EricAbrahamsonsBlog. I was writing a comment in the first entry about
watching the You Tube videos of the Furthur New Year's Eve shows at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. Tney played a recording of the Beatles' "All You Need Is Love" just before the countdown and a woman named Emily dressed in white, representing the new year, rode down from the ceiling on a silver skull to the stage where was Basketball player Bill Walton, the old year. Then they broke into, I think it was "Sugar Magnolia" as thousands of colored balloons where batted about the hall with everyone cheering. A lot of the new generation seem to like it; of course the leadguitar and drummers from the Dark Star Orchestra are probably in their thirties or forties.

The Jerry guy, Mark Kadecik, is as good as any, in my opinion, with his own style. I've talked to the guys in the Cubensis tribute, Craig the Jerry, Tom the keyboards sat in with the DSO once in S.F. when their keyboardist was sick, and I know they practically dedicate their lives to learning to channel one bandmember or another on their instruments. The first time I saw DSO was at the Fillmore, and Bobby was sitting in, and right when I came in the back door of the hall Mark