Sunday, January 10, 2010

Post #2

(cont.) played so good that I couldn't move from the spot for about five minutes until he finished his solo. I appreciate it when a younger man shows his respect for me that way, but maybe he gives that treatment to every older Deadhead the first time they come to see his band. It makes me feel welcome and like I'm his friend, but I won't forget that's not true; I've been around the rock scene my whole life.

On Dec. 12 I saw the David Nelson Band, Moonalice, the Rowan Brothers, and Wavy Gravy at the SEVA Foundation Benefit at the Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley. I took videos myself with my G1 at all of these shows. I talked to SEVA founder Dr. Larry Brilliant at Wavy's house. He came walking up to me with a cocktail and I said, "Congratulations on your TED award. I read about your awards and prizes (and I should have said accomplishments) online." He said, "That makes me feel good and makes me feel my work is worthwhile." He was Jerry's doctor.
The thing not to say would be, "Nice job with Jerry, doc," who died young of a diabetic heart attack. I saw Jerry's ex-personal roadie, Steve Parrish, on stage with Wavy for the 1st time at the SEVA benefit, introducing Moonalice, who he manages. I read his book "Home Before Daylight" about how Jerry died.

Wavy's wife Jahanera told me, "Don't write about us on the Internet," so I'd better be sure this doesn't go on Google like the other blog because I try to avoid her temper. "Hell hath no fury like Jahanera angered," I just made up, and broke the rule at the same time, because I'm wilful and headstrong and don't like people telling me what to do, and they're probably right. Actually, she told me that Christmas a year ago, and everything I wrote I wrote before then. I'll just finish the first posting now, after trying out entering in the text messaging.